James Patterson Synopsis
The honeymoon is over--now the murders can begin. America's #1 thriller writer returns with his sexiest, scariest novel ever. Hotter than The Beach House and scarier than Kiss the Girls, James Patterson's explosive new thriller introduces a bride who is beautiful, talented, devoted--and deadly.

When a young investment banker dies of baffling causes, FBI agent John O'Hara immediately suspects the only witness, the banker's alluring and mysterious fiancee

Nora Sinclair is a beautiful decorator who expects the best, and will do anything to get it. Agent O'Hara keeps closing in, but the stronger his case, the less he knows whether he's pursuing justice or his own fatal obsession.

In a novel so compelling it reads like a collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock, James Patterson unveils surprise after surprise that will keep readers guessing until the last deadly kiss.


As the book begins, we learn about Nora Sinclair. She is engaged to the wealthy Conner, but we soon discover she is actually married to a rich author, Jeffery.

We then switch to the city streets, as a man referred to as "The Tourist" and a "Fat Man" are pointing guns at each other. The Fat Man has a hostage and is holding a suitcase. The tourist ends up killing the fat man, taking his suitcase and later, copies its contents onto a zip drive.

Back to Nora; she poisons Conner by cooking him a drug filled omelet. As he is dying, she convinces him to "take this," a concoction that accelerates his heart attack and hides any trace of drug. Conner drinks the alka seltzer-like-drink and dies. Nora then transfers $4.2 of his $4.3 million bank account to her Cayman Island account. The police perform a routine autopsy and find nothing.

Nora notifies Conner's only living relative, his sister Lizzy in California. Lizzie allows Nora to take care of all the arrangements.

Nora is contacted by an insurance man, Craig Reynolds, who informs her that she is the beneficiary of Conner’s life insurance policy. The problem is - his crazy boss, John O'Hara, wants the body exhumed to have a more thorough autopsy.

Nora secretly follows and watches this process. Nora wants to see this John O'Hara guy. Unfortunately, only Craig, some police and a few cemetery workers are there.

We then learn that Craig is actually John O'Hara. He is working with his FBI boss, Susan. They are both agents and he is working undercover as Craig, the insurance agent living in a ratty apartment. Nora follows him home to be sure he is who he says.

We then meet Nora's mother Olivia. She's in a mental hospital after killing her husband 20-years earlier. After that, Nora was shuffled from one foster home to another.

Olivia acts as though she doesn't recognize Nora and tells everyone she likes to read, even though she reads the books upside down.

Nora is about to confess what she's done to Olivia but Olivia, not wanting to hear it, pretends to have a seizure.

Back to the Tourist. He is living in a ratty hotel. A pizza deliveryman comes and whips out a gun and demands the tourist's suitcase he stole from the fat man. The tourist reaches for the suitcase, but grabs a gun he hid and kills the pizza man.

We then discover that the tourist is actually John O'Hara, the FBI guy aka: Craig.

The extensive autopsy turns up nothing. Craig tells Nora that the $1.9 million insurance is coming. He invites her for lunch. It's the least he can do after what he's put her through.

At lunch they start plying each other with drinks to loosen the other up so they can lower each other’s defenses. Neither really trusts the other. A tipsy (or is she) Nora flirts with Craig and asks him if the two of them can leave. Craig agrees but takes her home. He can't mix business with pleasure.

Nora tricks him to come inside and Craig can't resist any longer and the two end up in bed together.

Nora visits Olivia again at the mental hospital but this time Olivia slips a note into Nora's purse but Nora accidentally leaves her purse at the hospital. The nurse discovers the note.

That night, during phone sex, Craig tells Nora he has to go to the airport early the next morning for a business trip. Nora follows him but he doesn't go to the airport. Instead he ends up in Connecticut with what appears to be his wife and kids. Nora checks the mailbox only to discover that it reads O’HARA!

A pissed Nora goes to his insurance company but a sharp receptionist covers well for Craig/John, until she slips up when Nora purposely names the wrong city as the home office.

Nora goes home to Boston to be with Jeffrey. They make passionate love and while Jeffrey is showering, Nora makes him dinner. Same routine as Conner. She drugs him, has him drink the concoction, he dies, she transfers the money to her offshore account.

Nora meets up with Craig/John a couple days later and she takes him to her beach house.

Same routine as the other two. She makes a meal and drugs him. She can't convince him to drink the concoction. He knows she's trying to kill him. They argue. She calls him O'Hara and tells him everything she knows about him. He says she'll never get away with it and locks himself in the bathroom as he call 911 on his phone. She shoots at him but can only hit his shoulder. She escapes just before the police and FBI arrive.

Now the manhunt begins for Nora.

She calls John and tells him she's going to get him where it will hurt the most - his family.

O'Hara, the FBI and the police rush to his Connecticut home; his wife and kids are safe.

Suddenly the phone rings and the police put it on speakerphone. Nora says, "Good, I have an audience." "This message is for Mrs. O'Hara... Just wanted you to know that I'm f*cking your husband."

She hangs up and Mrs. O'Hara looks at John and calls him a prick and says something like, this is why we divorced 2 years ago.

O'Hara is reprimanded by his FBI bosses and we learn that his immediate boss Susan, is actually his ex-wife.

Weeks go by as everyone is searching for Nora.

Finally, the FBI investigates Nora's mother’s hospital. The nurse knews something was fishy because of the note she had read earlier from Olivia to Nora. She gives the FBI a letter that Nora had recently sent to her mom, Olivia. The stationary had an almost unnoticeable watermark from a hotel in the Caribbean.

Cut to the hotel and Nora is with another wealthy businessman. Room service arrives and it is delivered by a disguised John O'Hara. Nora is arrested and they tell the businessman he is the luckiest person in the world.

Just when you think it's over, we learn that Nora is cleared of all charges. For some reason the FBI didn't want some information released to the public.

Nora is free and back at Conner's house. She drinks some water from the fridge and suddenly starts getting sick. A blonde woman comes from around the corner and Nora, near death doesn't recognize her. The woman takes off her wig and we discover that it is Lizzy, Conner's sister, getting her revenge on Nora. Nora dies.

Final scene is John back at the FBI office. He gives his boss the contents of the suitcase. He tells his boss that he now knows that all the financial information contained in the files, information that brought to their attention Nora and her dead husbands and fiancées; all this info was obtained using the Homeland Security act. Also, most of the people in these accounts are of the current administrations opposition party. It would be very embarrassing to the current administration if the public discovered how the info was obtained. That is why Nora was let go.

The boss gives John leave with pay and he goes back to his ex-wife Susan and their kids, hoping they can rekindle their relationship.