James Patterson Synopsis
Alex Cross is back--and so is the Big Bad Wolf.

Terrorists have seized the worlds largest cities. London, Washington, DC, New York, and Frankfurt will be destroyed, unless their demands are met--and their demands are impossible. After a city in the western United States is fire bombed--a practice run--Alex Cross knows that it is only a matter of time before the bombers threats to the other cities are brutally executed.

Heading up the investigation by the FBI, CIA, and Interpol, Alex Cross is stunned when surveillance photos show Geoffrey Shafer, the Weasel, near one of the bombing sites. He senses the presence of the Wolf as well, the most vicious predator he has ever battled. With millions of lives in the balance, Cross has to see if the most powerful law enforcement agencies in the world can stay ahead of these two mens cunning.

SPOILER: Sent in by ActingDude1983

After Geoferry Schaeffer is back and The Wolf controls and helps him out, Alex Cross is out to find The Wolf.  It turns out that The Wolf is holding a country for ransom.  In France, the bridge is blown up.  The Wolf makes sure he is clear on his ransom.  Alex Cross looks for him; meanwhile, Schaeffer tries to kill Cross with a knife outside a hotel, not realizing that Cross is armed.  Cross empties 15 rounds into Schaeffer and he also puts a round in his head.  This time, Cross is sure that Schaeffer is dead. 

After long fights through malls and Cross' family missing for some time, his family is back and he continues to look for The Wolf.  Finding that The Wolf carries a black ball, he notices The Wolf and after chasing him into his car, The Wolf committs suicide and this time, Alex verifies that it is him.  It turns out that The Wolf is a Russian spy that lost his family.  

Cross is reunited with his family, happy that he found the killer and is sure that he is dead.