Nelson DeMille Synopsis
John Corey, former NYPD homicide detective, assigned to the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force in the pre-millennium 90's, makes a return appearance in a thoughtful novel offering an alternative to the government's "official" position on what really happened to TWA Flight 800, which crashed off the Long Island coast in the summer of 1996. Accompanying his wife Kate to a memorial marking the five-year anniversary of the crash, Corey's curiosity is aroused by what appears to be a concerted effort by Kate's fellow federal agents to keep him--and her--from investigating a case that appears to be closed. Corey's detecting skills lead him to two witnesses to the crash, who were enjoying an adulterous interlude on the beach at the time the plane went down--and videotaping their sexual escapades while what appears to be a terrorist missile attack takes place in the background. What ratchets up the tension in this capably written thriller is what the reader knows but Corey doesn't as he heads for a showdown with those responsible for the official cover-up as the clock ticks down to the morning of September 11, 2001. DeMille's deft touch with a riddle wrapped in an enigma--what really happened to Flight 800--makes his "what if" scenario a more than plausible theory; you don't have to believe in conspiracies or government cover-ups to find his latest engrossing, entertaining, and enlightening. --Jane Adams

SPOILER: sent in by Indiana Reader.

Night Fall sees the return of NYPD turned FBI consultant John Corey and his FBI agent wife Kate Mayfield. Kate had worked on the crash of TWA 800 five years ago, and gets Corey interested in the discrepancies between eye witness accounts and the official cause of the "accident."

After much intrique and the reappearance of deceased CIA man and Corey-nemesis Ted Nash, John finally tracks down the only videotape account of the crash, proving what the government has desperately tried to cover up. However, his attempts to confront his detracters with the evidence and a brave eyewitness are thwarted when the "meet" at the Windows of the World Restaurant at the top of World Trade Center North Tower is interrupted by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Corey and Kate escape with their lives. Everyone else is supposedly killed in the tower collapses, and the evidence showing the TWA 800 was taken down by a missile attack, is destroyed.